Blown, turbo, nitrous or just big cubes – it’s all free to watch and will be on display outside the Performance Garage pavilion at MotorEx, as Melbourne’s toughest rides pump out their maximum power on the dyno and show us what they are really made of! But as the power of these engines is forever increasing, the ability of conventional roller dynos to hold and measure this power hasn’t kept up – meaning the reading isn’t always accurate.

This is where Mainline Hub dyno technology comes into it. Conventional roller dynos can result in uncontrollable spinning of the rear wheels, where as a Mainline Hub dyno attaches directly to the vehicles hub, which means the is no chance of the tyres slipping and the maximum power can be accurately recorded.

The dyno display at this year’s MotorEx will see the Mainline Hub dyno being used as it is a more accurate, safer and exciting way to see these vehicles true performance be measured.

Whether it be extreme pro-tourers, burnout beasts, 1/4-mile warriors or crazy drift demons, be sure to check out the VCM sponsored dyno display and watch this wicked line-up of dyno monsters hunt for horsepower all weekend long! Catch it at Meguiar’s MotorEx, May 26-27 – if you dare!