3M 1080 Series New Product Central at MotorEx ‘19 

Meguiar’s MotorEx is the best place in Australia to see the collaboration and strength of our thriving car culture. With individuals from around the country bringing their pride and joys out on full display for a thrilling two-day festival experience. Not only does it showcase the ingenuity and dedication involved in creating something so unique, it provides a platform for patrons and festival goers alike to check out some of the newest and hottest automotive products on the market. Meguiar’s MotorEx 2019 was no different, with exhibitors showcasing their hottest new products for the first time. Thanks to our Sponsorship Partner 3M the New Product exhibition within the MotorEx event is a platform that keeps on expanding and exciting us with the hottest new tech to show off to the public. This year we had 18 applicants with 10 chosen for overall innovation and interest to be 2019’s feature selection.


With decades of experience in ceramic, abrasive and microreplication technologies, 3M reinvented abrasives with 3MTM CubitronTM II Products. The secret lies in the revolutionary precision-shaped ceramic grain technology pioneered by 3M. Displayed at MotorEx ‘19, the 240+ and 320+ grade abrasive materials can come in discs and sheet rolls, for a finer grade in your body shop!


Displayed at MotorEx for the first time, Bluewire Automotive’s innovative Elec-Vac electric vacuum pump booster makes it easy to activate your breaking system without attaching to your engine inlet manifold vacuum system. The Elec-Vac series vacuum pump is 30% more efficient giving you the required vacuum in less time which extends the life of the pump & makes your ride much more enjoyable. Each pump is pre-wired and tested on the assembly line to assure a trouble-free and easy installation. This is commonly used in street rods or rat rods that do not produce enough vacuum from the engine to run the brake booster, as well as high performance engines that need an external vacuum pump.


CAPA Performance were out at MotorEx ‘19 showing off their SLP 2300 Supercharger Kit for VE-VF Commodores. This kit comes with everything you’ll need to boost up your LS. With the Supercharger Manufactured by SLP in the USA, the complete kit from CAPA performance includes Water to Air Intercooler with high flow heat exchanger, positive displacement supercharger for increased low down power and torque. This kit is perfect for any enthusiast as it runs inline with the factory belt system, and no cutting the vehicle is required to install!
Find out more at: http://www.capa.com.au/


Carpods displayed their innovative new way of transporting special rides around the country at MotorEx ‘19. Carpods is an Australian owned and operated vehicle transport company founded by car enthusiasts fed up with difficult and untrustworthy transport companies. The Carpod graced Australian streets in early 2019 ready to prove itself. The patented designed Carpods were developed, designed and tested locally in Victoria by a dedicated team of engineers, fabricators and transport specialists. Carpods are available Australia wide, and transport a wide range of vehicles across the country.
Find out more at: https://www.carpods.com.au


Clutch Industries have been a supporter of Meguiar’s MotorEx for years, and this year the team showed off their all new 4TERRAIN ULTIMATE Twin Disc Clutch System. Designed and manufactured to replace the clutch system installed as Original Equipment, a 4Terrain Ultimate Twin Disc Series clutch kit offers the ultimate torque capacity increase. Each component has been thoroughly tested and developed for a specific application. The metallic Twin clutch discs double the friction surface area and matched with 4T’s patented technology nothing holds more torque.


McDonald Bros Racing replacement tubular replacement front suspension system for all Australian Valiant and American Chrysler vehicles. It comes as a bolt in unit, no chassis modifications involved for installation, tubular upper and lower wishbones, Viking double adjustable coil overs. Set up with HQ-WB stub axles and steering arms, can be supplied with manual or power rack steering.


Punters were lucky enough to catch Premcar SVT who showed off their road eating Holy Grail at MotorEx ’19 in Herrod’s Performance Garage. This Limited Edition Falcon, dubbed the spiritual successor to the phase 3 GTHO is work from a group of engineers who have a passion for all things Ford. This tuning kit from Premcar transforms your supercharged V8 Falcon into an absolute monster, with only 100 units ever built, equipped with a massive 483kw & 783Nm of Torque… it’s the best Falcon ever built!


With growing demand coming from high-end workshops and customers for a premium intercooler to cool highly stressed turbocharged engines, PWR have designed Elite 3000 by adopting Formula 1 intercooler core technology and engineering. It is designed for any turbocharged V8, 6cyl, 4cyl or Rotary making between 1000-3000hp, whether it be a Drag Racing or Pro Street application this cooler will work with both an ice water slurry box or a heat exchanger radiator.
This unit includes over 20-man hours of detailed locally made manufacturing, a handmade turbulated intercooler core, PWR’s unique custom-made water fin, CnC machined header plates, hand tig welded, wind tunnel, dyno and track data proven technology. This intercooler is using the best possible products available and the end result is 97% efficient with minimal pressure drop. Available now in a sheetmetal and billet tank option, for more detailed results, contact PWR today.
Find out more at: https://www.pwr.com.au/


Racecraft displayed their cutting edge Dual Valve Electric Y Pipe at MotorEx ‘19. The
team developed a Y-Pipe that included a central shaft and an additional butterfly valve
to the other side of theY-Pipe. This way when one butterfly is closed the other is
completely open and vice versa. The team is now only weeks away from officially
launching their unique Dual ValveElectronic Y-Pipes! With this awesome technology,
you simply click the supplied remote control and voila your quiet, sedate full exhaust
system turns into an angry, rumbling, diff dumping beast! Not settled on just remotes,
the team are also in the midst of developing an app for both Android and iPhone users to
allow the wireless Y-Pipe Valve operation from their phones!
Find out more at: https://racecraftaus.com/

Xtreme Clutch – XTREME 230MM TWIN DISC KIT 

Xtreme Clutch display at MotorEx showed off their latest release with a full range of 230mm Twin Plate Clutch Kits to give consumers another option when upgrading their clutch system. The 230mm range is quite extensive with Kit’s available to suit many models including Holden Commodore, Ford Falcon, Nissan Skyline, Toyota Supra & many more. The 230mm ceramic twin plate is designed to suit popular high-power applications. Available with push-pull convertors for certain applications, the 230mm ceramic twin plate is an outstanding example of the unrivalled clutch technology and pricing delivered by Xtreme Clutch today.