Dick Savy, Liqui-Moly stalwart and proprietor of Savy Motorsports has high-octane flowing through his veins. He has spent much of the last 27-years wrenching on all forms of race cars. Currently, the mainstay of Savy Motorsports is preparing and maintaining a number of circuit racers including Group Nc touring cars along with a stable of Touring Car Masters (TCM) frontrunners comprising; Keith Kassulke’s XB Falcon coupe, Les Walmsley’s HQ Monaro and William Vining-Falvey’s ‘65 Mustang – all of which are Liqui-Moly Performance Partners. Savy Motorsport also looks after Kassulke’s Acari KZ1R, which he competes in the GT Trophy Class of the Australian GT Championship.

It’s a one stop shop. “What makes us unique is that we do so much in house”, says Savy, “We do as much of the fit-up ourselves as possible, which allows us to make sure everything goes together as it should. We have CAD component design and in-house manufacturing capability. We’re able to identify an issue then engineer and manufacture a solution. The cars only have to leave for panel beating and spray painting, even handling that is on the horizon.”

Savy is damn good at his trade, developing a number of cars into championship winners – including John Bowe’s TCM-winning Mustang. So you might think that when you’re on a good thing stick to it. Not so Savy. “A great deal of the shop’s time is consumed just in maintaining our current customer’s cars, we’d like to build more cars,” says Savy. “If we could spend more time building cars, there would be more race cars out there in the big, wild world.

As Savy points out, the whole vintage and historic racing scene has grown so much worldwide. “I’d really like to build cars for people overseas, yanks, poms, Europeans,” says Savy. “Places like Abu Dhabi and Dubai, have a huge interest in American muscle cars. I’d love to see our cars race over there.” Best of all, Savy Motorsports can sell them something different. And not just any cars, TCM-style muscle cars. Why? “They take lots of driving,” says Savy, “they take plenty of muscle to give you the full thrill of driving them.” If the popularity of Australia’s TCM series is anything to go by, Dick Savy just might be onto a good thing. A world full of race cars, doesn’t sound like a bad place to me.