With automotive manufactures continually pushing the envelope in reducing engine friction (to maximise fuel economy), while simultaneously lowering emissions (especially in modern diesel engines), many vehicles require an extremely specific engine oil. To help consumers and technicians make the correct selection, the Liqui-Moly website (www.liqui-moly.com.au) incorporates a comprehensive database. This huge directory is accessed via the advanced, easy-to-use, Online Oil Guide, which will recommend the appropriate engine and drivetrain lubricants for your specific vehicle.

As extensive as Liqui-Moly’s database is, there will always be unusual or rare vehicles that are not covered. Such as the V8 Cosworth DVF-powered 1974 March F1 racer that Steve Makarios from Synergy Race Engines was recently servicing for customer, Joe Calleja.

No drama, phone and email contact details for Liqui-Moly’s helpful technical staff are also listed on the website. They have the knowledge and the expertise to give the correct recommendation for your vehicle – even if it is something as unique and as historic as Joe’s legendary F1 racer. So regardless of what you drive, Liqui-Moly have a range of premium-quality lubricants, additives and service products that have been specifically-developed to keep your vehicle’s engine and driveline running in peak condition.

Oh yes! What did we recommend for Joe’s March F1? MOS2 20W-50 for the 500hp, 10,000rpm Cosworth V8 and the fully-synthetic GL4/GL5 75W-90 total driveline lubricant for its Hewland ZF FGC/FGB transaxle.