SMOTY zerod (small)

When it comes to the environmental sustainability, the humble motor vehicle is generally regarded as Satan personified, with old cars being demonised to an even greater extent. So how can it be that the star attraction on the Green Homes Australia stand at the upcoming Newcastle Home Show is to be a 7.3-litre, 600hp, 1967 XR Falcon?

That’s because Mick Fabar’s amazing machine, ZERO’D, is fighting the good fight. Emphatically demonstrating that cars are not necessarily invariably mother earth’s or humanity’s sworn enemy. All this while simultaneously showing motoring enthusiasts that creating something that’s environmentally sustainable doesn’t have to be weird or different. With its zero carbon footprint certification from Queensland’s Bond University, “ZERO’D proves that being green can be edgy and cool,” says Mick. After all it is the reigning Street Machine of the Year!


It’s with this same rationale that Mick and his company, Green Homes Australia approached tackled the goal of producing cost effective, traditional-looking homes that are up to three or four times more efficient. Who would have thought cars and houses were so closely related.

Even more astounding is Mick’s mean, green muscle machine has become the poster child for environmental sustainably – check out the big feature on the Newcastle Home Show website. That’s a mighty effort Mr Fabar – well done!