Priscilla and Bob Gallo’s ballistic XC Coupe, SUPREMACY has an incredible history; unveiled at MotorEx 2011 where it took out Australia’s Most Impressive Custom. Set tongues wagging when it appeared at SEMA, scooped Street Machine of the Year, before being rebuilt and picking up the coveted Chip Foose award at MotorEx 2013 – wow! With such an extraordinary heritage, current owners Priscilla and Bob Gallo and their work cut out transforming the 1978 Falcon coupe into an even more impressive machine. However they managed to pull off the impossible and have named it SUPREMACY!

On the lead-up to Summernats, the car was completely fully torn down and underwent an extensive rebuild. This included repainting many aspects of the car, including all new gloss black treatment on many areas, colour-coded bumper bars and repainted wheels. Matt Gilkes at Inside Rides then set-about designing and constructing a hard-core, pro-touring style cockpit.

Offsetting the exposed roll cage, competition pedal box and race-style gauges, is one-off door trims, one-piece hood lining, full-length center console, integrated flat floors, wild new wrap-‘round dash and a killer audio system by Frankies Auto Electrics. Furthermore it’s trimmed in high-end Scottish leather that compliments the exterior colour scheme. On debut at Summernats, the radically altered, fresh-looking coupe wowed spectators and the judges alike – with many thinking that would be that.

However Priscilla and Bob had one last ace up their sleeve. Having qualified for Meguiar’s Superstars at Summernats 28, SUPREMACY was secretly-shipped back to Sefton Smash for phase two of the rebuild – the driveline and undercarriage! Out it all came yet again, with the engine, gearbox and other driveline components all painstaking deburred and smoothed before being freshly painted, buffed and detailed to perfection. The rest of the coupe’s highly-sculptured underside was also given a full going over.

With the build team looking to create a hard core, pro-touring look, SUPREMACY is void of all polish or chrome – everything is painted. Including the 260 machined billet caps that have all been finished in satin black.

The coupe was always a well-engineered, wow car, now it’s detailed and finished to a level as good as the best of them. The relaunch, of the rebuilt SUPREMACY at Meguiar’s Motor Sydney (July 25-26) is sure to grab plenty of attention. One thing you can bet your house on; the legendary status of this insane Aussie coupe is set to grow to another level all together!