Cruise for Charity support’s Camp Quality, and in turn Camp Quality supports 1000’s of families living with cancer around the country. Here is just one story of the many we will bring to you over the coming weeks about how Camp Quality help families through their battle.

  • Lindy Kingsford
  • Lives: North Sydney
  • Mum to: Son Alex, 14. Daughter Lilly – 12.
  • Marital status: Married, husband works away quite a lot

Lindy is happy to talk about her son Alex, who had cancer, and how Camp Quality supported her and their family through such a tough time.

Alex Kingsford, Erin Molan and Lindy and Lilli Kingsford (1 of 1)
Alex Kingsford, Erin Molan and Lindy and Lilli Kingsford

Alex’s story
Alex has been hearing impaired since he was 2 and a half. One weekend in 2005, when he was 7, Alex had a swollen cheek so his mum Lindy took him into hospital. He was given antibiotics and sent home. Lindy thought it might be related to his hearing impairment but was told the antibiotics should sort it.

Within 24 hours, Alex’s temperature soared. He returned to hospital and was immediately diagnosed with acute lymphoma Leukaemia. Alex was given a 75% chance of survival and put on a 2 year course of chemotherapy. In the first 8 months the heavy-duty chemo contained steroids which made Alex’s face get fat and puffy, which was scary for his younger sister Lilly (then 5) and his classmates – and of course for Alex himself.

His sister Lilly was so distressed by the experience that she had to be treated for anxiety, so it was fantastic that Camp Quality took her on camp too, it really helped her. There were set-backs to the treatment: the prophylactic chemotherapy (when chemo is injected around your spine) caused Alex to have a stroke.

Camp Quality’s support
Lindy says that Camp Quality was the most supportive of all the charities who offered support to her. The first thing that happened is that Camp Quality sent their touring Puppet Show for schools (The McDonald’s Camp Quality Puppet Show) to Alex’s school, which helped with Alex’s class and his sister understanding what was happening to him and how to be supportive. Lindy said: “We went to Camp just after Alex left hospital, up in NW Sydney. The best thing was seeing kids who had got the all-clear from cancer and how much hope that gave me, thinking: one day, that could be Alex. It was so powerful for me. Talking to parents who had come through it gave me so much strength.”