Custom, two-tone Designer Wraps bonnet stripes adds the finishing touches to Drago Ostric’s personal take on a current-spec Holden hottie.

If Holden, HSV or HDT had built it – they probably would have called it an SS Group 8! “I didn’t see the value in buying a HSV,” says Drago so I built my own. I get a lot better bang for buck.” His upgrade regime utilised the same time-honoured techniques as employed by Mr P Brock and HSV. Starting with an SS Redline (factory equipped with big brakes and Sat-Nav), Drago added a throatier, free-flowing exhaust, cold air induction, then had the engine retuned for maximum grunt.

After dropping the ride-height and bolting on the fatter, stickier rubber, he added the optional Holden black-out kit. For than final transformation from mild to wild, Drago used a combination of Designer Wraps carbon fibre and matte black to create the distinctive bonnet stripes. Being the owner of the renowned Sefton Smash Repairs, he could have painted the stripes, however being a lease car that was less than ideal. “All the mods have to be easily returned to stock when the lease runs out,” says Drago. Utilising Designer Wraps is ideal, as they can be easily removed for up to seven years without leaving a trace. So there you have it, now you too can create you’re very own SS Group 8 road warrior.