Ever wanted to sit white knuckled in the front seat one of Oz’s best burnout cars while it smashed some tyres? If you are the highest bidder at selected Cruise for Charity events you can! For the first time ever, three states will see the pad lit up all in the name of charity:


How do you win?
Easy, bid on the car you want to get in the front seat of! The passenger seats in some of Australia’s best burnout cars are up for auction and the experience of a life time at Cruise for Charity. Bids will be accepted before the day and on the day, right up to 10 minutes before the seat belts are buckled.

Do you need to pay on the day?
You most certainly do! Whilst you are all going to bid with the best intentions it is imperative that all payments are made on the day before you jump in the vehicle.

What cars are up for Auction?
The list is getting long, and impressive. It will be updated shortly.

What are the requirements for a passenger?
All passengers must be over 18 years of age, must wear long sleeves and pants, closed in shoes and helmets.