Times, they are a changin’. Firstly MotorEx goes from a Sydney-only show, to alternating between Melbourne and Sydney. Now, thanks to official Performance Partner, Dyno Dynamics, MotorEx has morphed from a static-only show to one where the glorious sounds of hardworking, high-horsepower engines will resonate through the dyno arena  – it will be music to spectator’s ears!

The team from Dyno Dynamics will be strapping selected vehicles from Performance Garage exhibitors to one of their single-retarder, two-wheel-drive, Dynotech chassis dynamometers. Although it will be exhibition power runs only, you just know, given the competitive nature of the Performance Garage exhibitor’s, that everyone will be shooting for the ultimate bragging rights; no doubt they’ll come packin’ plenty of heat and be more than ready to tackle the rollers of truth. Given the Dynotech’s generous 1250hp rating, there’ll be no problem when everyone starts turning up the wick! Make sure you don’t miss any of the action.