Oddly enough this incredible FC ute started out as a FC custom coupe – sort of.

“Glen originally commissioned us to build him one of Australia’s best customs – a unique Holden FC coupe,” says Graeme Brewer from Down Town Kustoms. “Having started the coupe project, Glen decided that what he had really wanted was a nice V8 ute. So that’s what we gave him.”

The coupe was put on hold and the Down Town team set about transforming the Glen’s tidy FC ute into a Street Elite stunner called REFINED. Graeme likes his builds to be clean, simple, strong, tough, serious, refined, classy and timeless – and he’s managed to incorporate all these elements into REFINED.

“A lot of effort went into making all the modifications ‘disappear’,” says Graeme. “REFINED might look standard, however the body shape is actually far from the original. The only part that hasn’t been made from scratch (or substantially modified) is the centre of the roof. However it’s all been done subtly so that it’s not immediately noticeable.”

The fabricated chassis houses a modern driveline that includes a stout LS3 power plant, T56 six-speed manual and 9-inch diff suspended by a four-link with watts-linkage and coil-overs. Up front is an all-new double A-arm set-up that incorporates drop stub axles and power rack ‘n’ pinion. Proportion is another strong attribute of REFINED, rather than monstrous, cartoon-esq wheels, it rolls on 16 and 18-inch billets that look just right.

Paint is far more subtle than your average high-end build, with the unique HOK exterior colour giving REFINED a timeless elegance, which is offset by the combination of satin and matte-black undercarriage. It even retains all the exposed brake and fuel lines – albeit exquisitely formed in polished stainless steel. Despite being finished to a very high standard and featuring an extremely high level of modification, REFINED is first and foremost a driver that will registered as an ICV.

“The ute drove in here”, says Graeme, “and will effectively drive out a brand new car, with better form and function.”

REFINED will be one of the standouts in Saturday morning’s FreeStyle Rides Inauguration, catch it at Meguiar’s MotorEx Sydney (July 25-26).