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Meguiar’s MotorEx Melbourne (July 16-17) is assembling more than 30 of the most recognised and beloved array of TV and movie cars to ever grace the small and large screen.

Taking centre stage will be several genuine vehicles used during filming, including such classics as the Dukes of Hazzard General Lee (2005 movie), Starsky & Hutch Gran Torino (1975-1979), Magnum PI Ferrari 308 GTS (1980-1988) and everyone will fall in love with the Herbie that was used to promote the Lindsay Lohan blockbuster, Herbie Fully Loaded, when it was launched in 2005.

Taking pride of place alongside these authentic mechanical movie stars is a mesmerising array of stunning recreations and tributes. Favourites include a; Gone in 60 Seconds Eleanor, James Bond Lotus Esprit Turbo, Fast ‘N’ Furious Charger and matching Supra, Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am, Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, A-Team GMC van, Jurassic Park tour vehicle and a pair of Back to the Future DeLoreans whose mere presence is probably going to mess with the very fabric of the space-time continuum.

Joining the genuine General Lee will be a second tribute machine along with a Boss Hog Caddy and Sherriff Rosco P. Coltrane’s cruiser – that’s if we can get it to stop chassin’ those Duke boys for long enough.

Don’t fret Rockatansky fans, centrepiece of the Movie Car Mania Melbourne, will be a spectacular gathering of iconic Mad Max and Mad Max Road Warrior machinery that even Cundalini would be happy to give up his hand to see. Feast your eyes on a realistic Interceptor (MFP Pursuit Special), yellow MFP Pursuit, Nightrider Monaro, Toecutter bike and the ill-fated Mack truck from Road Warrior. And if that’s not enough how about the radically-customised ute and T-bucket from the opening scene of the original Mad Max?

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Starsky and Hutch: Torino


2005 Dukes of Hazzard Movie: General Lee


Herbie the Love Bug (Herbie goes to Monte Carlo)


Scooby Doo: Mystery Machine


Gone in 60 Seconds: Eleanor (2000-version)


A-Team Van


Jurassic Park Tour Vehicle


Mad Max: Interceptor


Mad Max: MFP Pursuit


Smokey and the Bandit: Trans Am