Steve Sherry | 1982 DATSUN 1200 UTE – DATZILA THERE’S no getting past the monster turbo on Steve Sherry’s Datsun 1200 ute, DATZILA. It wouldn’t fit under the bonnet so Steve hang it way out; right in the face of any would-be passengers. It feeds a gnarly, 800hp RB30 Nissan controlled by a Haltec ECU and Racepak dash. A Datsun 1200 is an odd car for Steve, he’s muscle car guys who’s been a show regular since the 1986 Street Machine Nationals. Also, his side-business, Street Kings, specialises in building collectible muscle like Falcons and Toranas. Steve’s the body guy and his brother, Charlton (Choc), is the painter. Looking at DATZILA’s HOK Bitter Sweet and Cocoa paint job and slick bodywork, they’re pretty good at it. A mate of Steve’s begun building DATZILA but needed the money. It’s set up to run sevens with all the good gear including a fully-floating, 31-spline, nine-inch that’s almost as high as it is wide thanks to the M/T 15×15 rear hides!