Fans of YouTube driveway DIY larrikins, Mighty Car Mods (MCM) are in for a big treat at Meguiar’s MotorEx 2015 Sydney (July 25-26). Marty and Moog will not only be making a guest appearance, they’re bringing along a couple of special projects! 


Everyone who has been eagerly following Super Gramps (Marty’s project 2003 Liberty Wagon), will be aware the rebuilt 11-second streeter is up to the paint stage. Great news folks, head to MotorEx and you can watch this take place live inside a high-tech, glass-sided Lowbake mobile spray booth!


In true MCM fashion, they’ve worked with House of Kolor Australia to formulate their own custom colour called Squid Juice. Across Saturday and Sunday, Platinum Automotive will be laying this unique dark grey hue onto Super Gramps right before your eyes. Both Marty and Moog will be hanging about to catch up with fans and spread the MCM love. Each day, they’ll also be spending a bit of time on the House of Kolor stand to sign whatever crazy stuff you lob in front of them – keep it clean kiddies.


To dial the MCM fever up to 11, the lads are also bringing along Mod Max – their latest smash-hit project, built as a tribute to the Hollywood blockbuster, Mad Max: Fury Road. Based on an S15 Nissan Silvia, the insane V8-powered, flame-spitting apocalyptic machine is a massive crowd favourite and will be on display at MotorEx so that everyone can have a proper squiz.


Meguiar’s MotorEx 2015 Sydney is excited to be hosting Super Gramps, Mod Max and the popular Mighty Car Mods crew. Head to Sydney Olympic Park (July 25-26) to be part of Super Gramps’s transformation and see firsthand how it’s done, while getting a sneak peek into the world of custom painting.