When Craig Hewitt was building his insane ProStreet Blown, VZ Monaro, he not only wanted it to go faster, he also wanted it to be better finished and look a whole lot better than his previous ride. So Craig turned to 3M Designer Wraps to give his nasty Monaro its knockout identity. This new livery makes it look like its going 300km/h just standing still!


Starting with the vivid, custom-red base laid on by Sefton Smash, Adam Doyle and Joey Tavora from Motographics began laying on the Carbon Fibre Black (1080-CF12) and Gloss White Aluminium (1080-G120) 3M Designer Wraps. Craig took inspiration from a car he’d seen in the US, from which Motographics designed the final configuration – the result is quite dramatic!


With genuine carbon fibre seats, doors, wheel tubs, panel work and injection hat, Craig also had the boys wrap a number of other components in Designer Wraps Carbon Fibre Black so that they would blend in better and give the coupe a more purposeful look.


Craig expects to start laying down shakedown passes in early February, “there’s a lot of things to monitor with the new car,” says Craig, “it’s also got a completely new engine combo, which will take a fair bit of getting used to. So I expect there will a fair few shakedown passes before we get on top of it all.” Craig will be competing his brutal Monaro in the APSA ProStreet Blown category. “The number one spot is 6:68,”says Craig, “that’s what we’re chasing, which is what the car was built for.” 3M Designer Wraps looks forward to Craig and his team achieving that goal – go get ’em mate!