Summernats has been honouring car builders over the last 10 years that are leading the industry forward with their designs, fabrication, quality and innovation with their builds. This year they have renamed the award “The John Taverna Memorial” after Johns passing last year.

The winner this year was Paul Sant from Pro Flo in Sydney. He has completed many builds over the last 20 years, race cars, street and Elite show cars. Paul has unveiled 6 never seen before cars at Summernats and MotorEx and also had many cars on display over those years.

Early on he was mainly known for Engine building, trick fuel injection and performance mods. Last year he extended and is specialising in fabrication for race and street. There are many more builds to came out of Pauls workshop over the next few years. Congratulations to Paul for winning such a prestigious award, perfect for carrying on John’s name.