As Cruise for Charity comes to a close in 2013 so does the Liqui-Moly Hunt for Horsepower, and what a year its been! Kicking off in New South Wales, the team from Dyno Dynamics brought along their Dynotech and prepared for the onslaught of horsepower. Chris sauntered up to the dyno with his TUFGTO and belted out a whopping 650 RWHP to take the title in NSW.


Next off the bat was W.A. who held the title in 2011. With veteran Cruise for Charity-ians, BYE Performance, running the dyno, Dean Irvine casually drove in and knocked all the records out of the park with his twin turbo VZ. Running not only a record for the car but for the event’s history with 920.9 RWHP!


Cruise for Charity then headed to Victoria where the record holders were quick to announce their battle to beat W.A. Dyno Dynamics loaded up the Dynotech again and were ready to see the horsepower hit new heights. Battling tyre spin Con’s VFPSI still managed to make an impressive 816.4 RWHP to claim the states title.


Rounding out the year was South Australia, the only Cruise for Charity Extra event to have a dyno, and what a dyno it was! The team from B & R Automotive set up to chase down W.A. and claim the title in South Australia for the first time. The E3 GTS pumped out a whopping 610 RWHP to claim the trophy and the South Australian title.


Congratulations to all the winners and the overall winner, Dean Irvine from W.A. Dean takes home the title for 2013, along with $1,000 cash thanks to Liqui-Moly and a beautiful billet trophy from Lowe Fabrications.