Mike King’s 1964 XM Falcon Coupe

Congratulations Mike King and Steven Aldrick for taking out the perpetual Laurie Starling Excellence Award, with this innovative XM coupe. The Laurie Starling award is all about the car, which is why, in essence, we have joint winners for 2017 – owner Mike King and the man behind the build, Steven Aldrick from Deluxe Rod Shop.

Unveiled as part of this year’s House of Kolour Inauguration, Steve and the Deluxe crew have raised the entire underside of the coupe along with the tunnel, while adding modern A-arm front and four-link rear for improved ride and handling. The engine is a sensible 560hp Windsor, with A/C and power steering, all backed by a Tremec TKO600. Even the 17×7 and 18×9 one-piece American Legend Racer wheels were selected for their no-fuss useability.

“Concept behind the XM was; factory looking, lowered with big wheels,” says Steve. “You don’t notice that it’s a whole lot more until you take a closer look. I really respected Laurie and the cars he built, which is why winning this award means so much to me.”

“This was a unanimous decision by Laurie’s father, Rob, Laurie’s good friend Aaron Gregory and myself,” says Owen Webb.“We liked the quality of the extensive metal fabrication and how it centered around giving the car a great stance while maintaining drivability and practicality. It strongly reflects the style of build that Laurie was well known for.”

“I never thought we had a chance at this award,” says Steve, “The car being unfinished and in such a raw state. But I had a chat to Rob and Aaron, and they told me, that being in raw metal with everything on show worked in our favor. Still I’m blown away, it’s another thing I can tick off my wish list.”