MotorEx Cruise for Charity is excited to announce Just Car Insurance as a national sponsor for the much loved event series in 2014! Just Car Insurance proudly supported Cruise for Charity in 2013 and have generously extended their sponsorship into 2014. Just Car Insurance sees things differently to ‘normal’ car insurance companies. They understand that if your car is special to you, you’re more likely to take care of it. Just Car Insurance understands that accidents do happen and you may have a colourful driving history. Just Car Insurance covers drivers of high performance, modified and imported cars and takes into account their particular needs. What’s more they’ll cover an unlimited number of legal modifications.

Just car Girls

If you’re looking for car insurance and you’re a driver outside “the mainstream”, Just Car Insurance could be just the insurance company you’re looking for. So don’t despair if other companies aren’t listening. Give Just Car Insurance a call today on 13 13 16 or get a quote online at www.justcarinsurance.com.au. At MotorEx Cruise for Charity 11 you will see the Just Car Insurance team so don’t hesitate to have a chat to them about your insurance requirements, have a photo with their gorgeous promotional models, grab a Just Car Insurance lollipop or participate in any competitions they may have running!