Repairing a dent or scratch may sound like a lot of work, but with ColorSpec paint refinishing system achieving a professional result has never been so easy and affordable.

The ColorSpec Refinish Paint System provides an integrated approach to achieving a highly durable paint finish on automotive, marine and almost any surface that can be spray painted… all to your colour specification. The specially developed range includes Primers, Mixed-colour Base Coat, Clear Top Coat, and Premium Thinner. All products are suitable for DIYers through to professional painters with over 74,000 colours available loaded into an aerosol ready to use, ready to use, or mixed by the litre for use with a spray gun.

How to identify the correct paint code for your vehicle:
The first step to repairing a dent or scratch is to obtain the paint code of your vehicle. You might know that your car is red but without the exact code you can easily apply the wrong shade so it is imperative that you find the correct paint code. Finding the correct colour code for your car is quite easy as it is usually found in the door jamb or under the bonnet on the majority of vehicles. Open the driver’s door — like other information placarded on your vehicle, paint code information is typically found inside the driver’s door on the door jamb or the inside of the door.

Check the owner’s manual:
If you can’t find the paint code, check your car owner’s manual as that book may identify where the paint code placards have been placed. Other common places to look include under the top of your car’s hood, glove box, VIN number sticker and in the boot where your spare tyre is. Alternatively, you can choose a colour from the colour fan book available in stores. When you have your correct paint code head down to your local SCA store and ask the friendly staff to mix up some ColorSpec Base Coat in either an aerosol can or bulk cans for spraying with a spray gun. Don’t forget to pick up the Primer and Clear and anything else needed to make the job complete

ColorSpec is now exclusively available at all Supercheap Auto stores.
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