Unpainted, rusty and dull brake calipers are not the prettiest things to look at; but with a simple paint job you can easily add some colour to your calipers and improve the overall look of your beloved car.

Painting your brake calipers is a quick and inexpensive task that will add a sporty edge to the look of your car. Many chose to take inspiration from car manufacturers which use coloured calipers or match their calipers to key features of their car. At ColorSpec Australia HQ we’re going give you a quick run down on how to paint your brake calipers; the process is actually quite easy, quick and inexpensive. Today, we’ll be matching the brake caliper on this N14 Nissan Pulsar with the red SSS door stickers.

Start by removing your wheels for easier access to your brake caliper. Make sure you jack the car up on a levelled surface and secure the car on jack stands. We recommend removing the calipers entirely from the car but you can also simply mask off any surrounding areas to avoid overspray.

The next step is to clean and prepare the surface. Apply some brake cleaner and give the calipers a thorough clean, removing any loose dirt and debris.

We followed up the cleaning process by using a 3M Scotch-Brite pad to remove any remaining grease and grime. It’s important to note that we must start with a clean slate so be patient and spend some time cleaning the surface before you begin to paint.

We’ve just released our new Caliper Hi-Temp paint which is available in over 90,000 colours. There are plenty of colours to choose from, so head into your local Supercheap Auto store to have your preferred colour mixed. We’ve decided to go with the Holden Commodore Sting Red (Paint code: F143).

Next, mask up any rubber components, brake lines and other moving components.

We are ready to paint! Shake the can up for 5 minutes and give it a test spray to ensure the paint is dispensing out of the can cleanly.

ColorSpec Caliper Hi-Temp is a fast drying durable satin finish withstanding temperatures up to 400oC. This product is suitable for brake calipers, rotors, drums, engine rocker covers, blocks and any other mechanical parts. As ColorSpec Caliper Hi-Temp does not require a primer or clear topcoat it can also be used as a one application process for any metal automotive, industrial or household items.

Spray the first coat of Caliper Hi-Temp paint being careful to get into all of the hard to reach spots. Don’t apply too much paint on the first coat as runs will start to appear. Apply another 3-4 coats allowing 5 minutes drying time between each coat.

Allow the calipers to dry for 30 minutes before you reassemble the brake system. Calipers look great!

Well there you have it, a quick an inexpensive way to paint your brake calipers.