1932 Ford Coupe

Qualified at: Extreme Auto Expo

Geof’s ’32, three-window coupe has quite a bit of history. Originally built circa 2006 by C&W proprietor, Wally, for his son. Back then it was red and went by the name CHILLI. After becoming the second owner, South Australian, Greg Holmes began taking it to a few shows. It was a really nice car, scoring a Meguiar’s Superstars invitation to MotorEx 2011 via Extreme Auto Expo. Although Greg loved bringing it to up to MotorEx, he was disappointed at missing out on the big awards, motivating him to rebuild the hot rod into trophy-winning contention. Unfortunately this exercise ended in a three-year court case with the shop entrusted to undertake the transformation. Fed up with the rod, Greg made the decision to get out of the project – enter current owner Geof Tartoosie.

“I never planned to finish the rebuild to Superstars level,’ says Geof “But after seeing the quality of the finish when I got the chassis and driveline back from Adam (Southern Classics and Customs), I knew I would have to step it up.”

As for that silver hue, Geof and a group of friends visited Mercedes World in England during an overseas trip to the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

“We all gravitated to this one 1961 300SL Roadster,” says Geof, ‘I decided then and there that’s what colour the car would be.”

Like any self-respecting hot rod, BLOWN32 does not want for power, thanks to the Fisher supercharger atop the 350 Chev, which is backed by a TH700 and 3.7:1-equiped nine-inch.

Inside its simple yet classy, with cut-down and leather-trimmed Glide seats by Quality Trimming, plus a Dakota Digital dash. In a nod to modern convenience, there’s central locking, power windows and door poppers that can all be remotely operated – even the trunk lid can be raised and lowered remotely.

Geof acknowledges that without the efforts of John Alexander BLOWN32 would never be where it is today. The grumpy old hot rodder (as Geof describes him), has been involved from very early on, and made sure the coupe was screwed back together properly – he was pretty chuffed when the three window received its Superstars nomination.

The saying, ‘old cars never die, they just get better with age’, is certainly true of this stunning ’32 Ford.

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