FEW movies are named after their automotive lead actor, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is one of those unique movies. Filmed in the late 60s, the fantasmagorical smash hit has ignited the imagination of children the world over ever since, along with a few adults, like Deidre and Mike Ellard (the builders and owners of this magnificent tribute). Riding on a Hilux chassis, their Chitty is as accurate as any other out there, with barely a detail out of place – including enough brass to sink a battle ship. Unlike many of the props used in the original movie, this 17-feet-long, eccentric machine is fully operational. Mind you, Deidre and Mike have yet to unlock their Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s ability to fly. Make sure you head to the impressive 30-strong Movie Car Mania display at MotorEx Sydney (July 25-26) to see this heart-warming machine before it finds its wings and sets off to Vulgaria to save the day.