American Legend Street Elite Showcase is predominantly for modified vehicles that exhibit an elite-level of detail and finish, while being specifically designed and built to be registered and street driven. This allows such vehicles to remain competitive, while continuing to be used regularly. Therefore good planning and preparation during the build will be vital, as builders will need to focus on cleaning and maintenance after completion to remain competitive. Street Elite Showcase also rewards vehicles that utilise current styling trends, encourage future trends, while growing the whole custom automotive industry. Judges will be looking for a high-level of finish in the engine bay, body, paint and interior. However the level of undercarriage smoothing and detailing typically associated with super-elite Meguiar’s Superstars contender is not expected. Rather undercarriage judging will reward vehicles that feature well-executed, legal-style engineering and innovative coatings that will enhance longevity during typical use.

*Note: There was new eligibility criteria announce in 2014. The new criteria may result in some vehicles that were previously accepted into street elite showcase, no longer being eligible. See eligibility criteria below.

• Hot Rod (pre 1948)
• Street Machine/Muscle Car (post 1948)
• Tuner (Japanese and Euro)
• Custom Cruiser (Pre 1970s vehicles built for cruising that feature heavy body customisation)

The Pinnacle Award is the top accolade for each of the four Street Elite Showcase classes (i.e. Hot Rod, Street Machine, Tuner and Custom Cruiser). Winners of each Pinnacle class will receive a masterpiece billet trophy and an additional monetary component of $3000. *Note: there is no supplementary places for the Pinnacle Award, only outright is awarded. Any vehicle that has won the Pinnacle Award for their respective class (i.e. Hot Rod, Street Machine, Tuner or Custom Cruiser), is not eligible to compete for the Pinnacle Award again – unless the organiser deems the vehicle to have been sufficiently altered or modified.

*Note: there must be a minimum of five cars in any individual class (i.e. Hot Rod, Street Machine, Tuner or Custom Cruiser) for the Pinnacle Award to be presented in that respective class.

All entrants, across all classes in Street Elite Showcase will be eligible for following Excellence Awards:

Gold medal and $1000 | Second: Silver medal and $750 | Third: Bronze medal and $500


Although Street Elite Hot Rod, Street Machine, Tuner (Japanese and Euro), Custom Cruiser are separate classes, all are judged via the same criteria. Innovation, level of engineering, use of custom-made components, extent of legal-style modifications, degree of difficulty, quality of workmanship and attention to detail are the key elements in each of the following judging categories.

(150 points): Incorporates, but not limited to, all panels, panel gaps, body lines, body kits, glass, bumper bars, trim and moldings.

PAINTWORK (150 points): Incorporates, but not limited to, all exterior painted surfaces (including jambs), under bonnet and boot areas. Includes both standard and special effects paints along with murals and graphics.

ENGINE BAY & ASSOCIATED COMPONENTS (150 points): Encompasses, but not limited to, the installation, finish, presentation and modification of all hardware and accessories on and around the engine. Judges will also reward clever use of under bonnet performance items along with innovative, legal-style engineering.

ENGINEERING (150 points): It requires considerable planning and intelligent design to create a high-impact vehicle that’s practical, registerable and drivable. Vehicle’s that incorporate clever engineering and a novel approach to the issue of registerability and drivability will be awarded in this category. Judges will assess modifications to such areas as (but not limited to); chassis, drivetrain, suspension, exhaust, braking, fuel system, etc.

INTERIOR & REAR COMPARTMENT (150 points): Incorporates, but not limited to, trim, seats, pedals, steering, floor coverings, hood lining, dash, gauges, audio/visual and gadgetry. Fit and finish along with fabrication/molding will also be scored. Judges will reward practicality, along with the incorporation of innovative materials and finishes that enhance longevity during typical use.

DESIGN & EXECUTION (125 points): Vehicles that are well planned (including concept renderings and build books), skillfully executed, feature clever innovation, while sporting superb finish will be rewarded in this category. Clever use of finishes, legal-style modifications and custom fitted appendages that assist maintenance, practicality and street drivability will be rewarded in this category.

IMPACT & DISPLAY (125 points): The overall vehicle is assessed in this category along with its display. Although still expected to present their vehicle to its full potential, Street Elite Showcase competitors are encouraged to display their vehicles on the ground. And while it’s not a necessity to display undercarriage, competitors should display their vehicle in a way that allows spectators to easily see the vehicle’s various features as well as making it accessible for the judges.


Even with a total of 1000 points on offer, the standard of vehicles competing in Street Elite Showcase is remarkable, with the top competitors generally being separated by only a handful of points. This is where the extent of legal-style modifications, degree of difficulty, innovation, use of cutting-edge materials and finishes, along with the incorporation of current trends and styles comes into play. Awarding points in these various areas is challenging, which is why Meguiar’s MotorEx only uses qualified judges that are selected for their extensive experience in all areas of the custom vehicle modification industry.

• Must have current registration, blue slip, or engineer’s report (for a new vehicle). • A maximum 150mm (6-inch) bonnet protrusion. This incorporates, but not limited to, any part of the engine, plus bonnet scoops, bonnet bulges and shaker-style air cleaners. • Any moving part protruding through the bonnet must be covered by a guard – or shrouded in a way deemed safe by the organiser. • Maximum, nominal rim width of 12-inches (305mm). • Must not have been previously entered in Meguiar’s Superstars – unless the organiser deems the vehicle has been sufficiently altered or modified. • Engine must start and run. Vehicle must be shown to start and run upon entry into the show pavilion. • Vehicles may be sponsored. However the placement of commercial signage promoting brands or products the organiser deems to be competing brands or products is restricted. Such signage must be kept to a maximum 150mm x 150mm, in no more than two positions on the vehicle or the vehicle’s accompanying display. • Once a vehicle has won the Pinnacle Award for its respective class (i.e. Hot Rod, Street Machine, Tuner or Custom Cruiser), it is not eligible to compete again for the Pinnacle Award again – unless the organiser deems the vehicle has been sufficiently altered or modified. • Vehicles must be deemed, by the organiser, to meet the spirit of the competition. • The organiser reserves the right to refuse entry without necessarily assigning a reason.

The Eligibility Criteria will be strictly adhered to, with the goal being to remove any grey area to ensure fairness across the Street Elite Showcase classes. MotorEx encourages everybody to build the style of vehicle they want. So if a vehicle does not fit within the Street Elite Showcase criteria, or is deemed by the organiser not to be in the spirit of the competition, it will be placed into the Superstars, ProComp or Exhibition categories.

*Note: final determination of eligibility for Street Elite Showcase will be at the discretion of the organiser.