Is your ride unlike anything else? Is it left-of field, quirky, or just plain different? Then Exhibition category is for you. It’s specifically structured to accommodate machinery that does not meet the eligibility criteria of any other Meguiar’s MotorEx category. Not just motor vehicles but any unique piece of machinery.

As with all Meguiar’s MotorEx categories, to be accepted into Exhibition, your vehicle must be finished to a very high-level and be remarkable in its own way. The eligibility of any applicant for Exhibition will be assessed on each vehicle’s own merits.

There is only one award presented in the Meguiar’s MotorEx Exhibition category; Best Overall Exhibition. There needs to be a minimum of five entrants in Exhibition for the Best Overall award to be presented.

Vehicles in the Exhibition category will be judged on their overall impact and display along with extent of modification, degree of difficulty, innovation, overall level of finish and quality of workmanship. Competitors are encouraged to display their vehicle in a way that best emphasises the individual vehicle’s various highlights and features, while making it accessible for the judges.

There is no set eligibility criteria for Exhibition. Each vehicle will be assessed on its own merits, based upon the information and photographs supplied within the completed entrant application. The organiser has final say on the eligibility and/or acceptance of any vehicle into this category. Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry without necessarily assigning a reason.