There are a number of different categories on offer at Meguiar’s MotorEx, with the vast majority open to all comers. The only invitational categories are Meguiar’s Superstars Super Six, Meguiar’s Superstars Grand Master and FreeStyle Rides Inauguration. Click on the individual category icons below to view entrant criteria and determine which is the most suitable category for your vehicle. *Note: final category classification will be at the discretion of the organiser.



Meguiar’s Superstars Meguiar’s Superstars is Australia’s most prestigious and respected competition for super-elite vehicles. It rewards quality and craftsmanship at the absolute top level of customization, which is why Superstars Best of Breed and Superstars Champion awards are the most sought after in the modified car industry.


House of Kolor Inauguration | The only invitation category at Meguiar’s MotorEx, featuring never seen before elite-level, automotive masterpieces unveiled to the public for the very first time.


Muscle Car Marvel | Everyone loves a muscle car. This is why the Muscle Car Marvel remains one of the most popular MotorEx categories. Here you’ll find a cavalcade of classic Australian and American muscle cars, including all the iconic, highly-recognisable machines that are fondly remembered and loved equally by both young and old.

American Legend Wheels Street Elite Showcase | Street Elite Showcase is for elite-level vehicles that are registered and street driven. Eligible vehicles need to exhibit a high-level of detail and finish in; engine bay, body, paint, and interior. However they will feature a more usable undercarriage and will be judged accordingly.


ProComp | If your vehicle is the toughest-of-the-tough, too wild and too radical for Street Elite Showcase, or is a purpose-built competition machine, then ProComp is the category for you. Monster engines, fat tyres, slicks, wheel tubs, bullet-proof drivetrain and performance-orientated chassis modifications are all standard fare in ProComp.


Exhibition Vehicles | When imagination and creativity are allowed to run wild, you never know exactly what you’ll end up with. At Meguiar’s MotorEx we love that, which is why we have the Exhibition category. It’s brimming with brilliantly-executed, sensationally-finished, attention-grabbing machinery that does not fit into any of the traditional Meguiar’s MotorEx categories.

Real Street Blvd | The show before the show. The Shannons Real Street Blvd is an 80-strong, stand-alone show outside the main Meguiar’s MotorEx pavilions. Attracting immense interest each year, these are real cars, that get and out do real highway miles. The Shannons Real Street Blvd runs all day Saturday and all-day Sunday from 9:00am ‘till 4:00pm, with a fresh line-up of kick-arse machinery each day.