Australia’s first ever national dyno competition has now been run and won. MotorEx Cruise for Charity would like to congratulate Townsville Mechanical Services (TMS Racing) on taking out the overall victory in the 2015 Dynotech Hunt for Horsepower competition.

Pete TMS 3

This is the second year in a row TMS has bagged the overall win and again hosted the Queensland round. Rather than resting on their 2014 laurels, TMS further enhanced their 427-cube, twin-turbo VE ute to successfully better their own overall record, with a new Hunt for Horsepower record of 1363.7rwhp! That’s an improvement of over 200-plus horsepower over their already eye-watering benchmark of 1187.5rwhp set last year.


TMS took the 2015 overall victory with a comfortable margin. However with the national Dynotech Hunt for Horsepower format now tested and established, Cruise for Charity is looking forward to a number of Australia’s nastiest horsepower machines to step up and challenge TMS’s stranglehold – it’s definitely game on!


Part of the 2015 introduction of the Dynotech Hunt for Horsepower, was the introduction of overall national winners across seven individual classes: 8cyl Forced Induction, 6cyl Forced Induction, 4cyl Forced Induction, Rotary, 8cyl Naturally Aspirated, 6cyl Naturally Aspirated and 4cyl Naturally Aspirated. Each winner was awarded a $1000 cash prize, with the overall winner also receiving a masterpiece billet trophy donated by Lowe Fabrications.


Measuring such impressive, high-horsepower numbers was made possible courtesy of the Dynotech chassis dynamometers produced by national sponsor, Dyno Dynamics. All of the dynos at each of the events worked flawlessly, ensuring each competition ran smoothly and consistently.

Cruise for Charity would like to take this opportunity to thank Dyno Dynamics for their generous support in 2015.





  • 8 CYL Forced induction: Peter Liaros | 1363.7rwhp | VE 427 Twin Turbo | TMS 427
  • 6 CYL Forced induction: Shaun Mann | 919.12rwhp | Ford FPV F6 | GOTLAG
  • 4 CYL Forced induction: Bradley Wilson | 255rwhp | 990 RVQ
  • Rotary: Brad Hansen | 383.2rwhp | 505 KEC
  • 8 CYL Naturally aspirated: 8CYL Naturally – Shannon Summers | 535.7rwhp| Holden VE W427
  • 6 CYL Naturally aspirated: Kristy Lee |230.7rwhp | 263 VTA
  • 4 CYL Naturally aspirated: 4CYL Naturally – Dale Mazzucco | 125.9rwhp | DHM096