Horsepower aficionados have been campaigning for a national dyno competition for some years, and MotorEx Cruise for Charity responded with the Liqui-Moly Hunt for Horsepower. This national competition will run in conjunction with MotorEx Cruise for Charity – which raises much needed funds for Camp Quality. Horsepower fanatics can now push the limits of their vehicles in a safe, controlled environment, all the while supporting sick kids!

The annual Liqui-Moly Hunt for Horsepower is extending its reach to rounds held at Cruise for Charity with $1,000 up for the highest horsepower nation wide. To be eligible, vehicles must be registered and run on pump fuel (exotic fuels are prohibited).

To compete in the Liqui-Moly Hunt for Horsepower the rules are simple:

Entry is $60.00 per car
* The car must have a MotorEx Cruise for Charity entrant sticker – proof you have donated to a worthy cause
* The car must run on the dyno at MotorEx Cruise for Charity
* The car will be run up in the ‘Shoot Out’ mode as per a typical power run
* Cars will get a maximum of three dyno runs

How do you enter?
Online or on the day, it is that simple. For pre-registration click here or upon arrival, register your interest with the team operating the dyno and follow their instructions. Remembering that if you register on the day there is no guarantee you will be able to participate if the dyno is booked out. All vehicles will be subject to the dyno operators safety review. It is the operators discretion if the vehicles will be deemed suitable or unsuitable to participate.

Highest horspower for 2015

* 8 CYL Forced induction: Peter Liaros | 1,363.7 RWHP | VE 427 Twin Turbo | TMS 427
* 6 CYL Forced induction: Shaun Mann | 919.12 RWHP | Ford FPV F6 | GOTLAG
* 4 CYL Forced induction: Bradley Wilson | 255 RWHP | 990 RVQ
* Rotary: Brad Hansen | 383.2 RWHP | 505 KEC
* 8 CYL Naturally aspirated: 8CYL Naturally – Shannon Summers | 535.7 RWHP| Holden VE W427
* 6 CYL Naturally aspirated: Kristy Lee |230.7 RWHP | 263 VTA
* 4 CYL Naturally aspirated: 4CYL Naturally – Dale Mazzucco | 125.9 RWHP | DHM096

The Highest Horsepower winner from 2015, Peter and his twin turbo VE from Townsville, QLD are set to return to defend their title!