After the massively successful pairing with Tread Cemetery, Cruise for Chairty is teaming up yet again to host the World’s only Teams Burnout Championship. As well as, over 90 of Australia’s best smoke makers, 2016 will host the first international team from New Zealand.

Tread Cemetery will commence at 10:00am, and will run until late in the afternoon. Entry to watch the World Championship of burnouts will be included in your entry fee to Cruise for Charity, $40.00 per vehicle. Want to get in early? Why not pre-pay your entry now and get your ticket before the day! You can cruise in the gates from 9:00am. Want to get in early and have your park reserved? Why not enter as a VIP!

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Tread Cemetery is a team event, with each team made up of five cars. Teams can have a maximum of four blown or turbo cars. A maximum of 2000 cubes between all five cars. All 20 teams do a qualifying burnout with each teams five cars competing one after the other. Each car is scored individually and scores are added to give a team total.  Top 4 teams from qualifying go into the semi finals. The teams in each semi battle directly against the other team.



Head to head sudden death!  Two winners go into the grand final with the chance to play off for world title glory! At the first annual Tread Cemetery the grand finalists were split by the score value of just 1 single tyre from 1 car! We think team burnouts are freakin’ awesome! It’s exciting and unpredictable!



Will H8 Tread defend their world champ status? Or will November 13th see the first international team all the way from New Zealand crowned the World Champs at Tread Cemetery, Cruise for Charity.