The tale of the Terracuda began the day owner Darren Metropoulos showed Chip his Breitling watch and asked him to build a car in the same colors. The distinctive golds and browns of the watch would become the featured colors of this heavily customized muscle car.

Starting with a stock unibody 1970 Barracuda, the vehicle was ultimately transformed into a full frame, body on chassis. Chip designed an entirely newly frame and worked with Art Morrison to build it.

This new chassis was actually submerged into the body, a process that involved turning the vehicle upside-down on a rotisserie, lowering the frame onto it and strategically cutting away the body while fully welding it to the frame. The result was a rigid body-to-frame interface, with no bodyflex.

A one-off steel hood was molded and stamped and houses a 392 HEMI crate engine. The front and rear fascias were reshaped and a new front grille and grille insert were built.

Other significant changes included moving the front wheels forward 3 inches, the use of Corvette C5 front suspension, and the installation of a Ford 9″ rear end with a four link.

Inside, the vehicle was transformed into a two-seater and Ferrari factory leather was used throughout. The graphic stripes are an homage to the Mopar’s of the 1970’s.

The root-beer brown base color and gold stripes are accented by the gold one-off Fishtail wheels. It even includes a Terracuda fish logo in the styling of the Super Bee circular insignia. Terracuda is the finest Mopar muscle car to come out of the shop.