The FreeStyle Rides Inauguration is one of the most highly anticipated events at Meguiar’s MotorEx. It’s always a favourite, attracting huge, appreciative crowds – it really kicks the show into high gear. For owners and builders, getting that highly-sought after invite to join the chosen few is quite a distinction, as it adds considerable prestige to any vehicle’s big debut.


Keeping the build of a blockbuster, elite-level, show stunner under warps can be quite a challenge for owners and builders. However the reward of unveiling their pride and joy in such a high-profile manner makes it worth the effort.


For Meguiar’s MotorEx Melbourne, the Lycra-clad lovelies will be sliding the black silk cloths off 12, never-before-seen machines. They will include one of the best finished cars, ever built in Australia, a couple of knock-out American muscle cars, two stunning hot rods, four unbelievable Aussie street machines and a trio of mind blowing custom bikes that been specially-built to debut at MotorEx Melbourne.


Head to Meguiar’s MotorEx, Melbourne Showgrounds, Ascot Vale, Saturday morning to part of this historic event.