A huge thank you to Dyno Services Hire for bringing out their dyno for the final leg of the Liqui-Moly Hunt for Horsepower

New South Wales wasn’t able to topple the record set by North Queensland but they certainly did put on a show, review the results here.

Highest Horsepower Overall – Luke Francisco | 644.4 RWHP | VS Wagon


Highest Horsepower 8CYL Forced – Luke Francisco | 644.4 RWHP | VS Wagon

Highest Horsepower 8CYL Naturally – Davis Aspite | 375.7 RWHP | VE SS

Highest Horsepower 6CYL Forced – Mitchell Brown | 408.2 RHWP | BMW 318i


Highest Horsepower 4CYL Forced – Ben Monds | 132.3 RHWP | Izuzu D-Max


Highest Horsepower 4CYL Naturally – Blake Monds | 53.6 RHWP | Toyota Hilux