The team from WA Performance & Service Centre brought out their twin retarder Dyno Dynamics dyno for the first leg of the Dynotech Hunt for Horsepower. Whoa, what a mouthfull! For the first time in Cruise for Charity history, we have categories! Seven of them, in fact. Each with $1,000 up for grabs at the end of the national event, for the highest horsepower nation wide AND a reserved place on the rollers at Summernats Horsepower Heroes. Perth brought out the big guns, with some unsuspecting winners.

Highest Horsepower Overall & Highest Horsepower 8CYL Forced Induction:
Paul Gric | 745.5 RWHP | Mercedes Benz 280SE | XMB 071 (7)

Highest Horsepower 4CYL Naturally:
David Melling | 71.4 RWHP | Honda CRZ | MAAAD CRX (10)

Highest Horsepower 6CYL Forced Induction:
James Jewson | 518.3 RWHP | Ford FPV F6 |1ELW641

Highest Horsepower 6CYL Naturally:
Benjamin Renshaw | 154.9 RWHP | Holden Commodore VY |BES192

Highest Horsepower 8CYL Naturally:
Shannon Summers | 535.7 RWHP| Holden VE W427 |

Highest Horsepower Rotary:
No entrant

Highest Horsepower 4CYL Forced Induction:
No entrant