Dyno Dynamics brought their dyno for the FINAL leg of the Dynotech Hunt for Horsepower.

To level the playing field Cruise for Charity now has categories! Each with $1,000 up for grabs at the end of the national event, for the highest horsepower nation wide AND a reserved place on the rollers at Summernats Horsepower Hereos. Could New South Wales bring home the bacon with the last round? Review the results here.

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Highest Horsepower 6CYL Naturally – No Entrant

Highest Horsepower 8CYL Naturally – John Atuma | 408.4 RWHP | Holden R8 Clubsport

Highest Horsepower 4CYL Forced Induction – No Entrant

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Highest Horsepower Rotary – No Entrant