This famous HT Monaro built by Bill Murfin in the 90’s will make its return at Summernats 27. This car won many awards at Summernats and leading Australian events including SMOTY in 1997. It had many body mods but featured hand made billet bonnet hinges, Bumper bars, head and tail lamp surrounds, steering  wheel and many more parts, before modern day mills were common place, hence the name BILLIT.

It was shipped to the US in the late nineties and ended up in the hands of Andrew Bougat the NBA basketball star. I spotted it this week at Paul Sant’s Pro Flo workshop in Western Sydney having a 1800hp blown Big Block Chev fitted for some laps at Summernats.

It has been bought by Mick Duggan who also owns the awesome Nova race car we unveiled at Summernats 2 years ago. Keep an eye out for another bit of Aussie modified car history.

Billitt Monaro Bill Murfin