1955 Chevrolet Bel Air

Qualified at: Summernats 30

ONE of the stars of the Great Meguiar’s Uncover at Summernats 30, Bill and Penny had never driven their stunning hardtop, despite owning it for 21 years, until two days before the big reveal. This first drive was just a quick spin around the block before loading it onto the trailer.

“It was a complete basket case when I bought it,” says Bill. “No engine, no gearbox and a roof that looked like a swimming pool. As proprietor of High Gloss Spray Painting, customer’s cars come first, so I built it as I got a bit of money here and there.”

The build includes coil-overs all ’round, four-bar rear, a tough 400-cube small block up front along with a TH400 and 31-spline, 3.50:1 nine-inch. Penny especially likes the engine as it goes vroom, vroom really well – which has a lot to do with the Weiand 142 blower sitting up top.

During their ultra-short drive Bill and Penny were seated in leather comfort and looked out across a Dakota Digital dash. The big push for Summernats started in November 2015 and Bill acknowledges that without the help of many people like Dave Robert, Hud Johnson, Trevor Hutchens and Danny O’Brien it would never have made it.

I’ve had the colour (a vintage Harley Davidson combination), the look and the overall combination in my head for 20 years,” says Bill, “Its everything I thought it would be.”

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