Good news travels fast and this is really good news if you’re a car and coffee lover. The guys at Cavallino Restaurant in Terrey Hills, Sydney have kicked off a casual get together on the first Sunday morning of each month, called Cars and Coffee. I attended their fourth event, which (thanks to the good weather) attracted an awesome array of vehicles.

I had been aware of the original Cars and Coffee, held in Irvine California, so with Cavallino’s event going by the same name, I’d been keen to check it out, as it’s taken off in a big way. For my visit, I was fortunate enough to tag a lift in my mate’s gorgeous and seriously-worked, black-on-black, Porsche 993 Turbo. Not long after we’d left the city limits, a stunning, orange ’73 RSR replica pulled up alongside and accompanied us for the rest of the trip north to Terrey Hills.

73 RSR

Arriving at 7.30am, there were already about 20 cars on display. You can pre-register to enter the People’s Choice comp, with selected vehicles being invited to park in Cavallino’s car park. Just don’t plan on a quick exit, as it’s lock-down until about 10.30am – which is when most people start heading off.

Of course, being organised by Italians, the coffee is great and the accompanying food also hit the spot. I suspect the Italian coffee and scrumptious food may also be the catalyst for the type of vehicles the event attracts, which had a distinctly European flavour. While there certainly were non-euro cars in attendance, they were significantly outnumbered by Porsche’s, Ferrari’s and other euro exotics.

mad 2

By 8.30am, things begun getting pretty busy and the local streets were filling up. The cops were also on hand and happy to mingle and enjoy the occasion. I was amazed at what was rolling in, my guess is about 150 vehicles in total many of which were rare and interesting beasts.

The People’s Choice collection included a variety of Porsches, Ferraris, two McLarens, a Hako Skyline, a Torana XU1 and a gorgeous, black ’61 T-Bird. So what won? …. A Renault Clio. Oh, I should mention, it was actually the wide body, mid-engined, V6 Renault Sport version – which may well be the only one on our shores.

The great thing about Cavallino’s Cars and Coffee is its casualness. Just rock up, have a chin wag, sip some great coffee or grab a delicious breakfast with like-minded car guys, drool, drool, drool, then go home and enjoy the rest of what is now a really great Sunday.